In Flanders Fieldsby John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders fields the poppies blow. Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the skyThe larks, still bravely singing, flyScarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago. We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die. We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.

Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Stores  + 1 Tribute Area = 32 stops
The hunt will run for ONE  week from Sunday, November 6th  to Sunday, November 13th.
Veterans Day is Friday November 11th

Hunt Starts Here:
Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Trivia

#1 Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Trivia (mature sim)
Hint:  American right down to the soles of my shoes!

#2 Off The Wall (mature sim)
Hint: Just sitting here trying to blend in with the scenery

#3 Alexolhol Fashions Mainstore (mature sim)
Hint: See the Hint giver on the front desk!

#4 Raven's Heart (PG sim) (Representing Canada and USA)
Hint:  And the fallen ones we honour with wreaths

#5 Pipers Place (mature sim)
Hint: Poinsettas Are As Red As I am....

#6 Earth Jewel (mature sim)
Hint: no hint provided.

#7 ~~Jules~~ Creations (mature sim) (Representing Turkey)

#8 This & That (mature sim)
Hint: I live in LOVE and below LAUGH

#9 Shadow Moon Main Store (mature sim)
Hint: Our Military Guys and Gals need a place to put up their feet.

#10 AC Designs (mature sim)
Hint:  Go up and out and enjoy the view.

#11 <Lash-Ware> (mature sim) (Representing Canada)
Hint: Are there any more boxers hiding up here?

#12 Snowpaws (PG sim)
Hint:This will show you the way!

#13 Snips & Snails (PG sim)
Hint: I am one patriotic pup (be sure to look inside and out ! you don't want to miss the puppies outback)

#14 Curvasive Designs Mainstore (mature sim)
Hint:  It may not be by the Arc de Triomphe but it's on an arch... that's close enough ... right?

#15  Kittycat's Creations (mature sim)
Hint: See the  hunt hint on the hint board at the landing zone.

#16 Latreia FootFashions (mature sim)
Hint: Lacy Shine some light on me!

#17 Blackheart Designs (mature sim)
Hint: There's definately some hotness when it comes to brown camo

#18 Kerosin (mature sim) (representing Candad)
Hint:  Do Poppies like to cuddle?

#19 Musical Dreams (mature sim)
Hint:  Veterans Day is "noteworthy" !

#20 Z Best Textures Main Store (mature sim)

#21 ++WickedSexy++ Designs (mature sim)
Hint: This store is so small you need no hint at all :)
Sim says V Warriors but is right store

#22 {Ms. B. Designs}  (mature sim)
Hint: Sweet hero let me DRAW you in amongst the flowers

#23 Off the Wall , Corben Myst (mature sim)
Hint: Wouldn't you like to be Off the Wall too? Be sure to find "off the wall" store outside

#24 Wicked Beauty Light Shows (mature sim)
Hint: I heard a big Bloom in this room

#25 Serenity Designs (mature sim)
Hint: It just might fall down and hit you, but hey its just a flower right?

#26 (In)Discretions (mature sim)
Hint: I Love You, Veterans!

#27 Bound & Bitten (ADULT sim)
Hint: See the Hint giver in the store!

#28 Designs by Sebastian (mature sim)
Hint: "Where the symbol of freedom flies"

#29 Kay's Art (mature sim)
Hint: no hint provided!
Walk downstairs and find the right store (big sign directing)

#30 Margaritaville Swag (mature sim)
Hint: Floating on a breeze by His & Hers

#31 DeCor Chick (mature sim)
Hint:  The sound of gently falling water, croaking frogs and the rustle of leaves in the wind. How sweet is freedom. :)

#32 Veterans Wall Memorial and World War II Memorial Park (PG sim)
Hint: you don't need one, its right by the hunt sign when you Land, Please take some time to walk around, visit the sim.. see the Veterans Wall :)